This Privacy and Use Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is made created by and between you (“you”) and artverse.me (“Artverse or .” “us”) regarding the use of any or all of the services (“We service") of your artverse.me (Artverse). By using the Service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The service is designed to help you access linked news information from sites not owned or managed by Artverse. Specifically, the Services provided Brief descriptions of articles, images, and video clips to help you identify the main content of the article you are interested in. When you select a song, you will be linked link to the website containing the article (hereinafter referred to as the “linked website”).

The term “you” refers to all individuals and/or entities accessing Artverse for any reason.

I. Terms of use

I.1. Rights associated with the Service.

Artverse owns and maintains all intellectual property rights in the Services but Artverse does not claim to have any intellectual property rights to articles at linked websites. These intellectual property rights belonging to the linked websites.

Artverse is also not responsible for the information, services and content of linked websites. You are the one taking full responsibility in the use, exploitation, provision of personal information, etc. to these websites.

I.2. Use and termination of use of the Service.

You may only use the content of the Service for your own personal use your own (in particular, not for commercial use) and may not copy, alter, modify, create derivative works or express publicly any content of the Service. For example, you do not to use the Service to sell a product or service; or use Translate service to increase traffic to your website for commercial purposes commercial; or use the results from the Service and then reformat and display thể make them public, or use other tools or materials to track or copy any content from the Service. If you are not sure whether Whether your intended use of the Service is authorized or not, please contact contact us.

Artverse will not be responsible for any interruptions, outages, loss or falsification of data from individual or group attacks any other organization, as well as about technical problems while providing the Service service. Artverse is also not responsible for losses arising from the use of use of the Services or from your interactions with other users.

Artverse reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the Service or access yours to the Service.

II. Confidentiality Agreement

II.1. The information we collect

When you register as a member, you need to provide us with a number personal information, such as name, email address and other information provided by you. We may combine personal information provided by you provided with information other than the Service or from third parties to Collect content that interests you.

Every time you access the Service, Artverse's system uses cookies and Other techniques to save your activities on Artverse. Server of Artverse will also automatically record information when you visit this page and use of the Services including but not limited to URLs, IP addresses, browser type, language, date and time of accessing or using the Service.

II.2. Use information

We use your personal information to improve the quality of our services Services, to send you Artverse new service announcements or third-party services that we believe will be useful to you.

We may use your personal information in investigations, research or analysis to operate and improve the techniques of Artverse and Services.

We may use your personal information to determine whether What third-party products or services may you be interested in? are not.

In principle, we do not provide third parties with personal information yours except in the following cases:

  1. You consent to us providing your personal information to third parties father; and/or
  2. We believe that providing your personal information to a third party three are necessary, for example to comply with legal requirements, to prevent crime or protect national security, or protect the personal safety of users or the public, etc.; and/or
  3. A third party who acquires all or a majority of the legal entity owns Artverse and the Service; and/or
  4. Personal information is anonymous information about Artverse visitors. They I may share this type of information with third parties so they can find it understand the types of visitors to Artverse and how they use the Services.

II.3. Modify or delete information

You can access your personal information and modify it if they are incorrect or delete such information. The change and/or Such deletions may not be possible at certain times when there is instability of the Artverse system. In this case, We will make every effort to allow you to continue to correct or delete the information personal information as soon as possible but we are not responsible for any problems or damages that may be caused by this delay.

II.4. Security

Passwords to access accounts of all Artverse members are protected by Artverse. However, network security is not absolutely safe, so Artverse is not responsible for possible damages.